Digital Storytelling

Scene: Work Space

Hi! My name is Shante Pierson and this is my second semester here at SUNY Empire State College. I transferred in from Lehigh Carbon Community College in Allentown, PA and my last semester with them was Fall of 2017. I am primarily a student of Distance Learning, which makes it easier for me to spend time with my family as well as work on my entrepreneurial aspirations.

I have a five-year-old daughter who keeps me on my toes (Overlay of an original photo of my daughter). Her birthday is actually a couple of days after mine, so you know I consider her to be my birthday gift (Woohoo) but she is just as creative and artistic as I am (overlay of Skylar’s drawing, overlay of my dry erase board sketch). She’s pretty tech savvy herself, so I think it is beneficial for me to learn more about web 2.0 and how to integrate using all of these social media platforms to promote my future business.

So umm I chose to take this course specifically for that reason because I have a bit of experience blogging. I have my own WordPress website, I haven’t blogged in quite some time but I am looking forward to getting back into that and utilizing everything that I am learning from this course and a couple of the other courses that I am taking this semester and I am just hoping to do well in the course. Thank you for watching, toodles.

(I am working on either getting a new phone or an iPad because the audio on my iPhone and laptop has been on the fritz lately. I hope you all can hear me).

Published by Taye

My name is Shante Pierson. I am passionate about many things and my many passions are what drive me. I am a mother, student, singer/songwriter, natural hair enthusiast, blogger and lover of all things art. ! I enjoy doing anything that allows my creativity to flow as free as the wind.

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