Digital Storytelling M3- Landmarks for Life- A Collaborative Digital Story

Introducing our collaborative digital story  Landmarks for Life For our collaborative mobile story, we decided to get out into nature and visit a local landmark. Each of us created, edited, and narrated our own videos using images and video that we captured while visiting the landmarks. The final video edit was done by Stephanie Ali.Continue reading “Digital Storytelling M3- Landmarks for Life- A Collaborative Digital Story”

Digital Storytelling M3- Creating a collaborative Digital Story

“Stories of place become ways to discuss land resource management, indigenous land rights, climate, disproportionate public health impacts on the poor, and countless other other issues becoming part of our national and international civic dialogues” (Lambert, 2013). My classmates and I have been split off into teams where we have been tasked to create aContinue reading “Digital Storytelling M3- Creating a collaborative Digital Story”

Digital Storytelling M3 Learning- The Editor/Script Writer

Module three has begun and I am very excited to create a digital story with my classmates. We have been set up into teams with the goal of creating a collaborative digital story. I suggested a mobile story that involves getting out into nature because my daughter loves being outside and learning about nature. WhatContinue reading “Digital Storytelling M3 Learning- The Editor/Script Writer”

Digital Storytelling- M2 Mobile Story: Intimate Partner Violence and it’s Effects

  Digital Story Title: Domestic Violence Theme Music: Original music created with Garage Band on iPad Tools: iMovie for iPad, Garage Band, Canva, YouTube Media Used: Voice recording, royalty free images, video Digital Story Duration: 8 minutes, 26 seconds Similar Stories: Digital Story Duration: 8 minutes, 26 seconds Image One by GETTY/HUFFPOST Women Narration (VideoContinue reading “Digital Storytelling- M2 Mobile Story: Intimate Partner Violence and it’s Effects”

Digital Storytelling- M2 Mobile Story Introduction

My second mobile story is a story that has effected my family for a number of years. I decided to that I wanted my mobile stories to cover topics that raise awareness for issues that have made in impacted the lives of my family members. Intimate Partner Violence is an act that continues to beContinue reading “Digital Storytelling- M2 Mobile Story Introduction”

Digital Storytelling-M2 Decisions, Decisions

This module, I kept going back and forth in my mind about the topic that I wanted to cover in my next mobile story. I was able to narrow down my choices by applying the advice I received from a professional digital storyteller. There are stories all around us, just waiting to be told. TheContinue reading “Digital Storytelling-M2 Decisions, Decisions”

Digital Storytelling- M2 Learning

As I continue to learn about new applications and platforms that I can use to create digital stories, I find myself becoming a bit overwhelmed. After viewing some of my classmates digital stories, I am reminded that I have much to learn. My first digital story was definitely not my best work, but I amContinue reading “Digital Storytelling- M2 Learning”

A Day as Hard as Copper- M1 Digital Story

  Digital Story Title: A Day as Hard as Copper Scene: All images used are my own original photos of my Fiancé Matthew, my daughter Skylar, and myself which play throughout the movie. Theme Music: Modern theme Tools: iMovie for iPad, Clips (to edit images of individuals not included in story), Canva (For creating theContinue reading “A Day as Hard as Copper- M1 Digital Story”