Conversations with my hair

Queens wear their crowns proudly! When I say crown, I don’t mean jewels of adornment. The tresses that grow from my head is my crown. I have so much to say about my hair…and I am sure my hair has much to say about me.


Hair: It’s burning, is it supposed to feel this way?

Me: Well, how do you think it’s SUPPOSED TO FEEL?

Hair: I don’t know, but it’s burning and my head is hurting

from perming and pruning just ruining my fruition

Scalp on fire.. Stressing out my roots. Fine tuning my texture, forgetting my complicated complexion

Stop this madness! Now your scalp is full of sadness

Suffering from chemical stressors



Me: CUTS HAIR in 2010

I cut it off because dermatitis was running wild.

I cut it off because I did not know the true texture of you.

I cut it off because I yearned to get to know you from start to finish.

I cut it and I began to know my true self.

I cut it, and broke the chemical chains.

I began wearing wigs because I was uncomfortable with how you looked.

I slowly started getting to know you.

We went through the growing stage together.

I twisted my tresses, rocked you with colorful dresses, and accessories to match.

Yes my hair is ALL that!

Here you are 7 years later, just as beautiful and strong as you want to be

So wild and yet so free.

I will treat you as I treat myself, with kindness, caring, and love.

My dear sweet tresses, resting above.


Published by Taye

My name is Shante Pierson. I am passionate about many things and my many passions are what drive me. I am a mother, student, singer/songwriter, natural hair enthusiast, blogger and lover of all things art. ! I enjoy doing anything that allows my creativity to flow as free as the wind.

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