Conversations with my hair

Queens wear their crowns proudly! When I say crown, I don’t mean jewels of adornment. The tresses that grow from my head is my crown. I have so much to say about my hair…and I am sure my hair has much to say about me.


Hair: It’s burning, is it supposed to feel this way?

Me: Well, how do you think it’s SUPPOSED TO FEEL?

Hair: I don’t know, but it’s burning and my head is hurting

from perming and pruning just ruining my fruition

Scalp on fire.. Stressing out my roots. Fine tuning my texture, forgetting my complicated complexion

Stop this madness! Now your scalp is full of sadness

Suffering from chemical stressors



Me: CUTS HAIR in 2010

I cut it off because dermatitis was running wild.

I cut it off because I did not know the true texture of you.

I cut it off because I yearned to get to know you from start to finish.

I cut it and I began to know my true self.

I cut it, and broke the chemical chains.

I began wearing wigs because I was uncomfortable with how you looked.

I slowly started getting to know you.

We went through the growing stage together.

I twisted my tresses, rocked you with colorful dresses, and accessories to match.

Yes my hair is ALL that!

Here you are 7 years later, just as beautiful and strong as you want to be

So wild and yet so free.

I will treat you as I treat myself, with kindness, caring, and love.

My dear sweet tresses, resting above.


Digital Storytelling M3- Landmarks for Life- A Collaborative Digital Story

Introducing our collaborative digital story  Landmarks for Life

For our collaborative mobile story, we decided to get out into nature and visit a local landmark. Each of us created, edited, and narrated our own videos using images and video that we captured while visiting the landmarks. The final video edit was done by Stephanie Ali.

Digital Story Title: Landmarks for Life

Team Members: Aurora Thornton (Team Lead) Stephanie Ali (Video editor) Shante Pierson (Script Writer)

Scenes: Saratoga Spa State Park, Edible Arbor Trail, and Norfolk Botanical Gardens

Media Used: Narration, original images, video, audio, text, sound effects (Saratoga Spa State Park images courtesy of

Tools: iMovie, Garage Band

Digital Story Duration: 3 minutes 25 seconds



Saratoga Spa State Park is considered to be one of New York States most scenic outdoor locations, which distinguished by its classical architecture. Listed as a National Historic Landmark, Saratoga Spa State Park has a multitude of recreational activities that the entire family can enjoy. During our first visit to Saratoga Spa State Park, my family and I enjoyed some time at Peerless Pool, but our favorite place was the playground located next to the newly updated Polaris Pavilion

What I enjoyed the most about coming to this playground is that there are a bunch of different activities that the children can enjoy but there are also opportunities for learning as well. As you can see there are different posts around the park that give bits and pieces of information about the nature that is all around us. Some of the posts describe the flowers, some of the posts described the insects that may be buzzing around. Saratoga Spa State Park is a beautiful place to visit and I am definitely looking forward to making many more trips there with my family.


Edible Arbor Trail, this award-winning path runs through Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter featuring several groves of hardy trees and shrubs that produce edible fruits and nuts along Missouri City’s Oyster Creek Trail in Texas.

Thank you nature! You are the tree of life. You are the natural resource that provides oxygen, food, and medicine. Thank you for improving our air and water quality. Most importantly, we thank you for making our homes.


The Norfolk Botanical Gardens have over 60 different gardens to explore, including a children’s garden and gardens for every season. They also host various events and activities, such as yoga, bike nights, and kayaking. They have various adult and children’s horticultural classes and experiments with different themes, so there’s something for everyone!

The Garden also has art installations spread throughout the gardens dating back to the 1950s. The garden started in 1938 when horticulturist Frederic Heutte partnered with city manager Thomas P. Thompson to create an azalea garden that would rival those in Charleston, South Carolina. The city of Norfolk gave them 75-acres of land to plant their azaleas.

Today, the garden includes 175 acres, a butterfly garden, and boat tours through the canals – which are visited by over 20,000 adults and children annually.

Ending credits


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Digital Storytelling M3- Creating a collaborative Digital Story

“Stories of place become ways to discuss land resource management, indigenous land rights, climate, disproportionate public health impacts on the poor, and countless other other issues becoming part of our national and international civic dialogues” (Lambert, 2013).

My classmates and I have been split off into teams where we have been tasked to create a collaborative digital story. I suggested a topic that allowed us to get out of the house and enjoy a bit of nature because my daughter loves going to the park and going on nature walks. My team mate, Aurora, suggested creating a video about the importance of visiting local landmarks, with each of us providing footage of a local landmark and the history behind it. I thought his was a great idea because my sister and I had just taken our children to Saratoga Spa State Park for the first time and we had such a wonderful time.

I grew up in Queens, New York and outside of going to the city (Times Square), I hadn’t been to many landmarks. Upon visiting Saratoga Spa State Park, I learned about the amenities and the wide variety of activities that are available for everyone to enjoy. One visit alone was enough for me to begin planning the next visit, in which my family and I intend to spend the entire day! There are so many different activities ranging from recreational to educational. This is why is another reason why I thought my team mate had a great suggestion.

Saratoga Spa State Park is know for its beautiful architecture and for its diverse cultural, aesthetic, and recreational resources (“Saratoga Spa State,” n.d.). This aesthetic landmark houses The Saratoga Performing Arts Center, the Spa Little Theater, The National Museum of Dance, Saratoga Automobile Museum, The Gideon Putnam Resort and Roosevelt Baths and Spa as well as recreational activities. Upon visiting the website, I also learned about their camping sites, which is also a plus because my daughter has been asking to go camping. Saratoga Spa State Park is a beautiful place and if you have never visited, My suggestion is that you put that on your list of things to do! The park also received some recent updates totaling $839,000, which include a new picnic shelter, a comfort station near Peerless Pool and a one-mile bike and pedestrian trail within the park along Route 9/South Broadway (Kraebel, 2014).


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