Digital Storytelling M3 Learning- The Editor/Script Writer

Module three has begun and I am very excited to create a digital story with my classmates. We have been set up into teams with the goal of creating a collaborative digital story. I suggested a mobile story that involves getting out into nature because my daughter loves being outside and learning about nature. What a great opportunity for both of us to learn and explore the beauty that is all around us. Since. Starting this course, I have been spending more time outside. I enjoy taking photos of sunsets, gardens, flowers and architecture.

In chapter two, Lambert stated that we all have a tiny voice in our heads that tells us that we may not be able to create stories that people would be interested in hearing. He discusses how we sometimes doubt our own ability to create good content. This is something that I deal with on a regular basis and as I work toward listening to the positive voices, I am also learning to share much more about myself. It is through courses such as this one that I am finding my voice and sharing it with others. It is certainly not an easy task for someone as private as myself, but I am doing it.

As I work on creating a collaborative mobile story, I am now starting to feel a bit uneasy about having to create the script for my group. Creating my own script wasn’t very hard, but I am concerned that because we each will be discussing different places, that it may be a tedious task. It would sort of be like writing three separate scripts and then combining them. Chapter six discusses the story circle and digital storytelling workshops. Script Review and Initial image work was discussed within this chapter, and because I chose to be the team script writer, I felt this information would be very useful. We each bring different ideas and points of view to the same story. As the script writer, it is necessary that I don’t make any changes to they way each person says their words or add any word that we’re not spoken.

Lambert, J. (2013). Digital storytelling: Capturing lives, creating community

(4th ed.). New York: Routledge.

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