Digital Storytelling- M2 Mobile Story Introduction

My second mobile story is a story that has effected my family for a number of years. I decided to that I wanted my mobile stories to cover topics that raise awareness for issues that have made in impacted the lives of my family members. Intimate Partner Violence is an act that continues to be an issue here in the U.S. and across the globe. My mobile story discusses what IPV is, who is affected, as well as ways in which IPV can be prevented. With the help of my sister, I conducted a brief interview in which my sister explains how she was able to escape a  violent 10 year relationship.

I must admit, that this was a difficult topic to discuss. My sister wasn’t the only one to  experience domestic violence at the hands of her children’s father. Before my sister became pregnant with my nieces, her then partner gave ME a black eye as well. I had never been a victim of domestic violence prior to this incident. With that said, I was present for quite a few altercations that transpired between my sister and her then partner.

I also thought it was important to inform others that men can be victims of IPV as well. It seems that men are not taken seriously in terms of reporting abuse from a woman. Men may be  less likely to experience intimate partner violence, but it is necessary to provide men with the tools necessary to stop violent behaviors before they start. Knowing the signs when dealing with an abusive person can also prevent the prolonging of an abusive relationship. Domestic or Intimate Partner violence is a serious issue and my goal with this mobile story is to speak out and raise awareness.


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My name is Shante Pierson. I am passionate about many things and my many passions are what drive me. I am a mother, student, singer/songwriter, natural hair enthusiast, blogger and lover of all things art. ! I enjoy doing anything that allows my creativity to flow as free as the wind.

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