A Day as Hard as Copper- M1 Digital Story


Digital Story Title: A Day as Hard as Copper

Scene: All images used are my own original photos of my Fiancé Matthew, my daughter Skylar, and myself which play throughout the movie.

Theme Music: Modern theme

Tools: iMovie for iPad, Clips (to edit images of individuals not included in story), Canva (For creating the ending credits)

Media Used: Voice recording, original images, video, audio, text, sound effects

Digital Story Duration: 9 minutes 16 seconds

Script: It was a normal day at work. It was 1:30 pm, and I had just sat down in the office to have lunch. My phone rang (phone ringing), and I immediately began to smile. My fiancé, Matthew, was on the other end, but he did not sound like himself. (Original image of Skylar and Matthew) “We have sort of an emergency” he says. My hands begin to sweat, and my heart starts beating fast. “What’s wrong?” I ask him. “I was in the other room watching TV and Sky was playing in the hallway. (Original images of Skylar) She came to me and said, “I ate the money”. She had been playing with some change, it might be a quarter. I tried to get it out, but I couldn’t. We are on our way to East Orange Hospital right now. She is okay, but she won’t say anything.” Although Skylar had played with change before, she was always supervised. The lesson we learned is that accidents can happen in a split second!

(Image of Skylar) I immediately start crying, I don’t even remember ending the call. Jason, my manager enters the office and asks if everything was ok. I managed to explain the situation through the flowing stream of tears on my face and the frog resting in my throat. (image of my Believe notebook taken prior to call from Matthew) Jason said that I should go be with my daughter, and that I was excused for the day. I go change, grab my things, and rush to the crosstown bus. Since I lived in Irvington, N.J., and commuted to New York City for work, I had to catch a bus back to New Jersey. (images of Skylar) The next bus leaving Port Authority was departing at 1:55 pm. I anxiously looked at the time on my phone and it read 1:45 pm. I had 10 minutes to purchase my ticket and get to the gate. As soon the crosstown bus pulled up, I ran across the street and into port authority terminal. I dipped and dodged through the hustle and bustle of tourists and travelers to the nearest ticket machine. I check the time, 1:50 pm. My only thought was RUN.

(Images of Skylar) I ran as hard and as fast as I could, up one flight of stairs and 2 long escalators to reach gate 330. I board the bus, hand the driver my ticket and I plopped down. Winded and out of breath, I sit in the first seat next to a window. That way, if I started getting emotional again, I could turn away from any unwanted stares. (Family photo) All I could think about was my baby girl. I hadn’t spoken to her all day, and I know she must’ve been scared, not knowing what would happen. (Image of Skylar and I) I checked in with Matthew and he informed me that she was being transferred to Beth Israel hospital because they couldn’t do anything at East Orange, and that I should get off the bus at Beth Israel. (Image taken while on the bus to the hospital) I reached Beth Israel, but Matthew and Skylar hadn’t arrived yet. I paced back and forth in front of the emergency room entrance. Each time an ambulance pulled up, I ran hoping to see my baby. (Image of Skylar) Another 15 minutes, another ambulance pulls up and when the doors open, I see my family inside. (Image of Skylar) Tears begin to well up because I can visibly see my daughter holding her saliva in her mouth instead of swallowing.

(Images of Skylar) Skylar is admitted, and X rays are taken. On her small frame, it certainly looked like she swallowed quarter. The nurses contacted the pediatric gastroenterologist that was affiliated with Beth Israel. The Dr. was on call at another facility and would not be able to do anything that night. The thought of waiting until the next day for the coin to be removed was too much for me to bare. We waited to be discharged and drove to The Pediatric Specialty Center at Saint Barnabas, about 30 minutes away. Unbeknownst to us, the same pediatric gastroenterologist that was affiliated with Beth Israel, was also affiliated with this hospital. Either way, we would have to wait until the next morning for it to be removed. (Image of Skylar) Skylar had not eaten or drank anything since lunch time, and I wouldn’t dare eat anything in front of her. I felt so bad that there was nothing I could do to help her. That was the first time as a mother that I ultimately felt helpless. (Video taken after Skylar fell asleep, food run) We comforted her as much as possible and prepared ourselves to stay the night. Matthew slept on the recliner, and I cuddled with her until we fell asleep.

The next morning, Dr. Mimi Ton came into her room to let us know the room was being prepped. (Image of Skylar and I) They wheeled Skylar into the next room and let us know that she would be put to sleep. (video of Skylar and I being wheeled to operating room) As they pushed the medicine into her IV, the Dr. states that she is going to feel a quick burn (images of myself) Just as she finished her sentence Skylar’s eyes widen, and she calls out “Mommy”! Her little head falls to side, and the saliva spills out of her mouth. She was only 2-years-old. I couldn’t do anything to help her and I felt defeated.

The procedure took all of 20 minutes, and during that time Matthew and I cried and held each other in the next room. (images of Skylar after procedure) Once the anesthetic wore off, Skylar says “Hi mommy”. Her voice was music to my ears. I had never been so happy to hear her say those words as I was that day. The nurses brought up juice, and gelatin for her and as her dad fed her we recorded her saying hello to everyone. It only takes a split second for a child to put something in their mouths, and I thank god that she could let her father know that she put the coin in her mouth. This situation could have been much worse. It turns out that it was a penny, and we keep it as a reminder to keep a more watchful eye on our child. (Video of Skylar after procedure)

Matthew: Say Hi!

Skylar: Hi, hi Mommy!

Shante: Hi Baby, that’s the last thing I heard you say yesterday. Hi Mommy

Skylar: Can I have more please?

Me: Yes, you may, you can have whatever you want.

Matthew: Look at me, say Hi.

Me: Wave to the camera, say hi everybody.

Skylar: Hi everybody

Me: Say I am all better now.

Skylar: I’m better now (looks at IV in arm) oh look.

Me: That’s the last thing that has to come out.

Skylar: Look I feel better, I’m better

Matthew: And we are so happy that you are better

Skylar: I’m tired (stretches) oh morning (Matthew and I both laugh)

Matthew: Good morning? It’s afternoon now.

Skylar: Hi everyone

Matthew: Say Goodbye

Skylar: Goodbye

Matthew: Talk to you later

Skylar: Talk to you later

Matthew: Good Job

Skylar: Rain, it’s raining (unintelligible)

Matthew: You had the umbrella?

Skylar: (unintelligible)

Matthew: Oh wow really?

Skylar: (unintelligible) Daddy, Mommy, Skylar

Matthew: ahh yes it was, it was all of us

Skylar: (unintelligible) Sleep (pretends to sleep and snore) giggles. Look Daddy, Daddy, mommy, Skylar. (unintelligible) Orange, yellow, white.

Matthew: Really, where?

Me: Awesome

Matthew: Aww man, what other colors do you see?

Skylar: one, two, three, four much color.

Me: Four much colors? Look it’s a green one, orange, red, purple, black

Matthew: Oh yea

Me: Do you want some more?

Images of Skylar in the hospital play room before being released, with other people blocked out by emoji hearts, followed by image of the penny that was removed.

Thanks for watching.


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