Digital Storytelling- M1 Mobile Story Introduction

The title of my first mobile story is “A Day as Hard as Copper”. This story is about a life changing event that happened to my family. This story will include original images, audio, and video of my daughter, fiancé, and myself. I will be providing you with my account of a situation that could have ended much differently. I decided that I wanted to share this story because it is a one that has changed our lives, and just may change someone else’s. As a parent, we are responsible for our children’s health and well-being. Therefore it is very important that we monitor our children at all times. Although this story is one that is very personal, I believe that there is a lesson worth sharing.

Learning about and using a variety applications and programs to create my digital story proved to be a very enjoyable experience. My iPad mini 4 came preset with some really great applications that can be used to create beautiful digital stories, such as Photo booth, Clips, and iMovie. I have used iMovie before, as it also comes loaded onto iPhones as well, but I had to feel my way around a bit to get the results that I was seeking. I played around with each of these applications, and as I continue working on my first mobile story, I am thinking of creative ways to incorporate more details.

I am looking forward to sharing my first mobile story. I have been working to follow the requirements, as well as making sure I adhere to my personal ethics statement. I did realize that there are other individuals in one of the videos that I used in my story, and I am currently looking for ways to edit the individuals out of the video or to cover them from view. Aside from this, I have not ran into any major issues with creating this story.

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My name is Shante Pierson. I am passionate about many things and my many passions are what drive me. I am a mother, student, singer/songwriter, natural hair enthusiast, blogger and lover of all things art. ! I enjoy doing anything that allows my creativity to flow as free as the wind.

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