Digital Storytelling Tools

Digital storytelling is something that is fairly new to me, but I must admit that I am definitely enjoying his course. It has been very interesting finding different applications and programs to create digital stories. I recently purchased an iPad mini 4 because after doing some research, I thought I could find really great tools that would enhance the stories that I create. I came across some really great things and I am looking forward to creating my first story. I would like to share with you some of the cool applications and programs that found.

The first thing I did once receiving my iPad, was to download the applications that I needed for my course, which is WordPress and Instagram. After signing in and getting my account set up, I headed to the App Store to see what I could find. I type in Digital Storytelling and a few titles caught my attention. The first application was Pixotale – Visual Storytelling by LOCQL, Inc. This application connects individuals through visual storytelling. The application has a clean and smooth interface and what drew me in was the beautiful photos of nature. I am looking forward to utilizing this application very soon.

The next application that I thought would be fun to work with is Animation Desk® by Kdan Mobile Software LTD. I was really excited to download this application, and even paid for the subscription because I with the many different tools, I am sure I can create some great stories. According to the app description, animation has been featured in Top 100 iPad entertainment apps in 86 app stores, and featured by yahoo tech among others. I think I am looking forward to using this application more than Pixotale. As I build upon my “digital storytelling tool box” I will update with more applications and websites that I have discovered.

Published by Taye

My name is Shante Pierson. I am passionate about many things and my many passions are what drive me. I am a mother, student, singer/songwriter, natural hair enthusiast, blogger and lover of all things art. ! I enjoy doing anything that allows my creativity to flow as free as the wind.

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